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Choosing luxury drug rehabilitation can be a great choice for many patients. Their goal is the same as other drug rehabs to make sure the patient can recover from their addiction and receive the right recovery that they need. However, an inpatient luxury drug rehab will provide the same treatment in a more comfortable and luxurious setting compared to traditional rehabilitation centers. They often offer more services and therapy too. While these treatment centers will not work for everyone, they can provide some patients with the path they need to recover.

What is Luxury Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation?

Luxury inpatient drug rehab will provide patients with a way to recover from their drug addiction in a setting that is luxurious and has some of the best amenities compared to traditional treatment. Patients can choose between outpatient and inpatient facilities, but the in-patient drug rehab is more effective at providing the patient with a new start as they work through their addiction.

When the patient wants a higher-end experience while they focus on their recovery, then the residential luxury drug rehab center is the right one for them. There are several ways that these facilities will set themselves apart from some of the traditional drug treatment centers. Some of the amenities that patients can enjoy while attending this treatment center includes:

  1. Private rooms to themselves
  2. Soft bedding, often with memory-foam mattresses and more comfort
  3. Gourmet meals
  4. Hot tubs and other spa services
  5. State of the art gyms
  6. Personalized care all hours of the day.
  7. Unique settings for the patient to enjoy.

These luxurious treatment facilities for drug addiction will vary depending on the services that the patient would like to receive to help with their addiction. Some of these luxury centers will provide general services to help all patients through therapy, medication, and group support. Others may offer specialized services for patients with specific drug addictions or mental health concerns that they need to work through.

Are There Specialized Luxury Residential Drug Rehabilitations?

Similar to traditional drug rehabilitation centers, these luxury residential centers offer three types of specialized high-end rehab options for you to work with. The type that the patient will choose depends on their type of addiction, the location of the patient, and what services they would like to utilize.

The first type of specialized luxury facilities for drug addictions includes private facilities. These treatment centers will work hard to protect the privacy of the patient while they are in treatment. These are great facilities for high-profile patients who need to maintain their anonymity while they recover from the addiction. CEOs, politicians, and celebrities may be keen on choosing these facilities over another option.

A patient may also choose a resort facility when they recover from their addiction. This rehab is designed to make the patient feel more like they are on vacation compared to a traditional facility. There is still a good focus on addiction treatment and available therapies. But it is done in a different way to make sure that the patient feels relaxed and comfortable as they recover.

The third option for luxury inpatient treatment for drug addiction is the executive facilities. These offer all the high-end amenities that the patient is looking for in one of these facilities, while adding in some flexibility so executives, such as CEOs, are able to meet their job commitments along the way. These often focus more on individual therapy compared to the other options to maintain more confidentiality.

It is not uncommon for these luxury drug treatment centers to offer a blend of the three types to their clients. The patient will need to choose which one will provide them with the right mixture of amenities, therapy, and treatment for their addiction.

What Therapies are Available at Inpatient Luxury Drug Rehab

There are a number of different therapies available for those who decide to go to an inpatient luxury drug rehabilitation. The type of therapy the patient will take depends on what the medical team things will work the best. some of the options for great therapy options available to patients include:

  1. Individual therapy: In individual therapy, the patient will do their own dedicated sessions with a therapist. The goal is to help the patient understand any issues that caused the addiction to start with. They can also learn coping skills that will help them handle stress and their triggers while avoiding relapse.
  2. Group therapy: Most inpatient luxury drug rehab centers will include some form of group therapy. This allows them a chance to learn more about the addiction and some of the steps they can take for recovery.
  3. CBT: Whether the patient has a dual diagnosis along with the drug addiction or not, CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, is a good method to use. Luxury inpatient drug rehab centers provide this therapy to help the patient recognize their triggers, find negative thought and behavioral patterns, and make changes to help them be healthy.
  4. Family therapy: This allows friends and family to come to the facility and learn how they can provide a good foundation of support to the patient.
  5. Contingency management therapy: This therapy will rely on positive reinforcement to help provide motivation to the patient to stay sober.
  6. Holistic therapy: This is a holistic approach to the health of the patient. This can include different activities like animal therapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation.

The patient will work with their medical team to determine which of the treatment options will work the best for them. This can be included with medication, special amenities, and more to make it easier for the patient to focus on their recovery.

What is Included in a Luxury Residential Drug Rehabilitation Center?

Luxurious residential drug rehab centers are going to include many of the same features and processes that we see with a traditional drug rehab center. The man difference is the level of comfort and additional amenities provided at the luxury center. The therapies and services offered by these facilities will often overlap with what is available at a traditional treatment center, but the staff works to provide them in a more luxurious way. Others may offer more privacy or a resort like feeling as well.

There are a few services that are provided at the inpatient upscale drug rehab center. These may include:

  1. Detox: All patients will need to undergo a detox to get started. This gives them time to cleanse the body of the substance and can establish them better for all recovery and treatment. None of the other treatment options will work until the treatment is done. Along with medical supervision and the required medications, these luxury facilities may offer spa services, massages, and other options during the detox to provide more comfort during that time.
  2. Assessment: The medical team at the facility will do an assessment of all patients who enter into the facility. This is the time for them to learn more about the patient, including any co-occurring disorders and other issues that may be at play and will guide the proper treatment plan. The medical team may do their own assessment or can utilize information from the patient’s current doctors. The medical plan for treatment will be personalized to the individual patient for the best results.
  3. Treatment plan: The medical team will work to create the right treatment plan for each patient. This plan will be individualized to the patient, ensuring that they are comfortable and will receive the best chance of success. It will include therapy, medication, and other options to keep the patient safe. Medication is often given during the detox to reduce withdrawal symptoms and to help with any mental health disorders the patient may have too.
  4. Aftercare planning: Luxury in-patient drug rehab centers will also focus on the success of the patient when they leave the facility. This plan will be coordinated with any medical professionals where the patient resides to make sure they still receive the care and attention they need.
  5. 12-step programs: These 12-step programs are designed to help patients to through their addiction and any other problems that may come up. Many luxury facilities will implement them into the treatment method, along with therapy and medications too.

High-end inpatient drug rehab centers focus on providing the best care for all patients so they have the best chance of recovery. These rehabs take recovery to the next level compared to traditional residential centers, giving the patient additional help while they deal with the struggles that come with addiction and withdrawal.

It is not uncommon for these facilities to work on a dual diagnosis with the patient. Many patients who suffer from a drug addiction will also have a mental health disorder too. In some cases, the mental health disorder was the original problem and the addiction occurred while the patient tried to self-medicate. In other situations, the patient may have suffered from the drug addiction long enough that it caused the mental health disorder. In both situations, the patient will receive the necessary medication and therapy to handle both conditions.

How Long Do Residential Luxury Drug Rehab Last?

Residential luxury drug rehab will have many options for patients to enjoy when they choose treatment length. Just like with traditional drug rehab, the patient can choose between 30 day inpatient rehab, 60 day residential rehab, and 90-day inpatient treatment options to help them get the treatment they need. Some luxury drug rehab facilities can last longer, between six to twelve months for patients who need more individualized care for severe addictions.

30-day treatment can work well for patients who have mild trouble with addiction and need assistance through withdrawal and restarting their lives. For patients who won’t be able to leave home for long and have to get back to work and family, the 30-day treatment is the best option.

For many patients, a longer treatment length is often better. Research shows that 90-day inpatient treatment is often the best to ensure the patient can learn and practice their new coping skills, making it more effective and prevents relapse later on. When the patient spends 90-days in the luxury residential facility, they will receive the therapy they need while being in a positive environment, away from their triggers and the environment that caused the addiction in the first place.

What is the Cost of Luxury Drug Rehab?

The cost of luxury drug rehab facilities will vary from one facility to the next. Patients can expect to pay more than they would at a traditional rehab center. You may be surprised at the affordability of some centers, if you are willing to research and not have every amenity available all the time.

Patients may be able to find luxury inpatient drug rehab for $5000 to $10,000 for treatment each month. If the patient needs to stay for two or three months, they should figure that into the total costs. It is possible to find luxurious drug rehab for up to $65,000 a month. The average for luxury addiction treatment facilities falls between $20,000 and $30,000 each month.

Insurance may not provide the same coverage to luxury rehabs compared to traditional drug rehab since the extra amenities, while nice, may not be necessary. Patients will need to check their coverage and decide whether the extra comfort and help is worth the cost to them.

Choosing the Right Luxury Inpatient Drug Rehab for You

A luxury inpatient rehab center can provide a level of comfort and luxury that you are not able to find with any other drug rehabilitation out there. This can make withdrawal symptoms and may improve the chances of recovering and not relapsing when the treatment is done. Many patients assume that they can’t afford to go to a luxury treatment facility due to the costs. With a little research and knowing which amenities and therapies are important to you, you will be able to find the right treatment center with all the luxurious amenities you need.

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