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Couples may struggle with drug addiction. Whether they started the addiction together or were already addicted to the substance, they may find that recovery is hard to do on their own. In an effort to regain a healthy relationship and feel better, they may decide to enter into an inpatient drug rehab center for couples.

Inpatient rehab is a type of treatment center available to individuals and couples, where the patient will reside at the treatment center. There are different lengths available to the couple. A short-term stay will last for 30 days, though there are options for 60 and 90-day options too. Some couples may choose to go for six to twelve month treatment options too.

The duration of the treatment for the couple will depend on the severity of the addiction, whether there is a mental health condition that requires a dual diagnosis, and whether either of the two have been through any type of drug rehabilitation in the past.

These programs may allow family programs, which can be beneficial to helping both patients through the recovery. These family programs in the residential drug rehab for couples will allow family to participate in some activities in counseling. This allows family members to understand the addiction better and can help heal wounds that may have occurred through the addiction. Families can provide support to the couple by being involved in the recovery, increasing the chances of success.

Each couples residential drug rehab center is going to provide its own program and amenities to the couple. Some will be basic and focus more on the treatment. Others may include additional recreational activities like a pool. Luxury suites and gourmet meals are possible in some rehab centers. The patient will need to look at the different inpatient drug rehab for couple centers to see which one will provide the treatment that they need at an affordable cost.

What Will Happen First When a Couple Enters Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation?

While all treatment centers will be different, there are a few parts that will be similar for everyone. The couple will need to go through a medical detox. This helps make sure that the brain and body can recover from all the substance abuse that took place over the years.

The detox process may vary depending on what works for the individual patient. It often starts with an evaluation done by the medical team to determine whether a medical intervention is necessary. Couples who have battled an addiction for years will need medication to help them get through the addiction better.

The detox will be a time for the couple to come clean from all of the chemicals. This is an uncomfortable experience at best, and for some couples, it can be dangerous without the right medical intervention. Couples drug rehabs will provide medical staff to work with both patients to evaluate their withdrawal symptoms to see whether medication is needed to reduce the pain or handle some of the cravings until the withdrawal is done. This requires 24/7 monitoring for all patients until they are stable and can participate in normal activities again.

What Happens After the Detox at a Couples Residential Drug Rehabilitation?

The detox is one of the most important parts of the treatment center. This is a time for the patient to finally get the substance out of their system. This process is difficult, and sometimes dangerous, for the patient to do on their own at home. While at the treatment facility, the couple will get a chance to finish the detox before they work on any other treatment options.

The detox often lasts between three to five days, though more severe forms of the addiction may take longer. Once the detox is done, the couple will be moved to the residential treatment so they can meet others who are undergoing treatment as well and participate in other rehabilitative services. Depending on their medical treatment plan and the facility that the couple chose, there are a number of different treatment options available including:

  1. Group therapy that helps the couple learn about chemical health and build a good support group.
  2. Individual chemical health assessments.
  3. Mental health therapy to uncover and assist with a dual diagnosis if one is present.
  4. Medical appointments.
  5. Medication to help the patient avoid the addiction or deal with the mental health issue.
  6. Mental health assessments and necessary therapy based on the individual.
  7. Fitness and wellness activities to help the patient with their health.
  8. If family members are involved, there may be family program participation.
  9. Help with nutrition to give the couple the nutrients they need to stay healthy.
  10. Educational workshops to learn more about the addiction and assist the couple with getting jobs and staying active when they are done.
  11. Spiritual care to those who need it.
  12. Aftercare planning.

Regardless of the facility the couple chooses, they will need to undergo some therapy. This can include therapy individually, in a group setting, and together as a couple. This is done to help the couples understand their addiction and get the help that they need.

In individual therapy, each person in the relationship will get a chance to work on their personal addiction. They will get a chance to learn healthy coping techniques, recognize their own unique triggers, and learn how addiction works. This individual care can help them to understand how the addiction has affected them on their own.

Many couples who enter residential drug rehab for couples will have serious relationship problems with their partner that they want to work through. Couples and marriage counseling are often a big part of couples’ rehab programs to help the relationship thrive. The couple will learn about the unhealthy parts of the relationship and how this is tied to the addiction. They will be given the right techniques to heal and get better together.

Group and family therapy can provide the couple with a chance to work through their issues in an open forum. Their family members can also learn more about the addiction and ways they can help. In group therapy, the couple will meet others dealing with the same addiction, creating a strong support group as well.

All residential drug rehab programs will provide an aftercare program to all patients. This helps to continue the recovery process, even when the patient leaves the facility. Depending on the length of the facility and the individual needs of the patient, the aftercare program can include therapy, medication, and support groups as needed.

What Programs are Available at Couples Inpatient Drug Rehab?

The right inpatient addiction treatment will focus on the health of the patients and ensuring that they can become stable. The goal is to make sure the patients are ready emotionally, psychologically, and physically, before they start to learn about core recovery thoughts and how to change their coping techniques. This can be done in a variety of ways.

When couples enter residential drug rehab together, there are some unique types of treatments available. They may still go through individual therapy to help them recover and learn about their own unique triggers. But there are also some therapies that will be done together, helping the patients work through their relationship and ensuring that both partners can get better. Some treatment options available at couples inpatient drug rehab includes:

Each couple will bring their own problems into the treatment center and with their own unique history, triggers, and emotional troubles, they will need an individualized plan to help them recover and get better. This is why medical professionals will meet with the couple and determine the best treatment plan for the couple, both together and individually, to give the best results.

What is the Cost of Couples Residential Drug Rehab?

Many couples know that they need treatment to get better from their addiction, but the cost of sending two individuals to inpatient treatment of any length may seem expensive. There are different treatment options for patients based on the care they need, the amount of time they need to be in treatment, and any special amenities that the patients need during their stay.

Longer inpatient drug rehab centers will cost more than short-term options. However, the cost is often worth it to help the couple deal with their addiction, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and reach recovery. If the patient would like extra amenities and support, they can also choose luxury inpatient drug rehab for couples to help with this.

Insurance will often help defer some of the costs of inpatient drug rehab. The exact amount that is covered will depend on the policy. Patients should look at their policy to determine what coverage they will get, if any, when making a decision. There are many great state-funded inpatient drug rehabilitation options for those who need help with their addiction but may not have the funds for more expensive options.

Who Will Benefit from Residential Couples Drug Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is an effective way for patients to help handle their drug addiction and regain their lives. This type of treatment can help individuals and couples with their substance abuse. However, most couples choose an inpatient facility when they need an intensive approach that will help them focus just on recovery, without all of the triggers of the outside world.

Outpatient facilities can be productive for some individuals, especially those with mild addictions who need to still attend work and take care of their families. There is the risk of falling prey to negative environments and triggers that can hurt the individual when they do not stay at the facility. Inpatient drug rehab for couples can handle some of these issues, giving the patient time to recover and feel better on their time.

The inpatient drug rehab facility will allow the patient to spend their time at the center. They will be under constant supervision of medical professionals who will guide them through the recovery process. Since they do not leave, the patient will get a chance to work through the addiction and learn healthy coping mechanism, together with their partner, without having to worry about work, their triggers, or other stressors in their life.

Couples Inpatient Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

In many situations, the patients may not only suffer from drug addiction, but also from a dual diagnosis of mental health disorder at the same time. In some cases, the mental health disorder caused the drug addiction, though it is possible that prolonged use of the drug could cause the mental health issue.

Regardless of which disorder came first, a dual diagnosis will change the type of treatment the couple will need. The couple must find an inpatient drug rehab for couples that can handle the substance abuse and the mental health disorder. Focusing on just one problem and not the other will miss a big part of the problem and will make it harder for the patient to recover.

Many residential drug rehabilitation centers for couples are set up to handle the dual diagnosis. Whether the patient is dealing with grief, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, depression, or another mental health disorder, these treatment options provide the patient with the relief they need.

Choosing the Right Residential Inpatient Drug Rehab for Couples

When couples are suffering from a drug addiction, it is important to find the right inpatient drug rehab center to help handle the issue and make sure that the patients can get the treatment that they need. This type of addiction can be difficult because both partners in the home suffer and need assistance. With the right residential rehab, both partners can receive the care and attention that they need, providing support to one another and finally breaking the chains of addiction.

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