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For many women who are dealing with addiction, going to a traditional drug rehab center is going to be a scary idea. Even when they know that they need to seek out treatment, past trauma and experiences may make them nervous to attend a facility that mixes males and females together. While these treatment centers are generally safe, many women prefer to go to an inpatient drug rehab for women.

Residential drug rehab for women will include all of the treatment options that the female patient will need. It will focus on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual support for any woman who needs to recover from a drug addiction. These women-only facilities are located in many locations around the world. This makes it easy for the female patient to work with their addiction while being close to home.

Drug rehabilitation for women can allow females to have a therapeutic home for those who are not comfortable in a residential setting that allows men. For some women, it is easier for them to seek help when they can connect with other women. These facilities focus on the unique issues that many women will face and provide connection and support that all women will need for the best results.

Inpatient Drug Rehab for Women Versus Outpatient Treatment

Women who are looking for addiction recovery can choose between an inpatient and an outpatient facility. An outpatient facility is one that will focus on providing treatment while the woman is able to stay at home, go to work, and enjoy time in school. They will attend therapy and other treatment options will maintaining their regular routine. These facilities can be effective, but the patient must be prepared to be surrounded by their triggers, which can make it harder.

Inpatient drug rehab allows the patient to focus primarily on their recovery. The patient will move into the facility and receive all treatment while they are there. This provides them with 24-hour care along with specialized treatment away from a negative environment. This reduces the risk of a relapse since the patient will have no access to the substance and the temptation for a relapse is lower.

When Should I Choose a Residential Drug Rehab for Women?

Women who feel that it is too hard and stressful to work on recovery at home and worry about a relapse while participating in their routine should consider an inpatient program. This helps remove them from their triggers and temptation, providing them with time to focus just on recovering and nothing else.

Some of the situations where the patient should consider an inpatient drug rehab compared to an outpatient drug rehab facility include:

  1. Polydrug abuse, or more than one addiction at a time.
  2. A drug addiction and a mental health disorder at the same time.
  3. History of issues during detox, including seizures and delirium.
  4. Suicidal attempts and ideation.
  5. Lack of transportation that will help the patient get to the outpatient treatment
  6. Lack of support from sober individuals at home.
  7. History of not complying with treatment when outpatient facilities were used in the past.

An inpatient drug rehab center is a great option for many women. It can help provide them with a place where they can be abstinent and safe while they undergo recovery and learn more about their addiction. Through group therapy, support groups, individual therapy, and family support, the patient will learn how to manage the addiction and prevent a relapse later on.

Are There Any Specialized Treatments Available for Women?

At an inpatient drug rehab for women, there are specialized treatment and therapy options that focus on women and some of their unique roles. These treatment facilities understand that women have a lot of baggage that they will bring to treatment with them in terms of their past and current relationships, children, and family influence. The treatment options are designed to help women get through these emotional triggers so they can receive the help that they need.

Inpatient drug rehab for women will not be the same as men drug rehab, mainly because men and women need different types of therapy and support for success. Some of the things that are considered at a residential drug rehab for women include:


Females are often more impacted by different psychological and behavioral issues that will influence their relationships with others. They may have a low self-esteem and feelings of being powerless in many situations. These lead to disconnection and will force an imbalance in the power dynamics. In the process, women may deal with violence and sexual abuse, which may be the cause of their addiction. These treatment facilities will help the women to recognize these triggers and give them the right tools to get through them and maintain sobriety.

Family Influences

Many women who enter into inpatient drug rehab struggled with their past. They may be raised in households where physical abuse, sexual abuse, and substance abuse were common. As they enter into their adult lives, they may have friends and partners who engage in these behaviors as well. These negative environments will enable the addiction and can make it hard for the woman to stop using the substance.

During the treatment, professionals will assess the patient to learn how that addiction is impacting her family and other social relationships. Therapy options may include stress management, assertiveness and problem solving to help her handle life after being in the facility.

Partner Relationships

It is common for women to stay in a damaging relationship because they think that is what is expected of them. Some women may stay in these relationships due to financial situations. Medical professionals at an inpatient drug rehab for women need to be aware of some of the issues the patient has had in their relationships in order to help the patient learn how to be free from these thoughts. The patient will work on their autonomy and individuality to avoid dependence on negative substances and people in the future.


For many people, healthy sexuality may not be something they are familiar with. If the addiction caused them to be in a harmful relationship, sexuality could be a scary thing for the woman to deal with at all. The addiction counselor will need to work with the patient to discover the connection between sexual identity and the drug addiction. This can help them work through these issues with the patient.


For women, their relationship with their children can have an enormous impact on how well they can recover from their addiction. Many residential drug rehab centers for women will offer parenting classes and therapy that is designed to help strengthen this bond. Rehab centers can also offer care for children or will refer the child to another agency who may be able to help.

History of Trauma

Women can have different responses to trauma that occurs in their lives and the medical professionals at these centers will be able to help the patient handle the trauma as well. Some women will have PTSD or other anxiety and mood disorders in response to a traumatic event. They may turn to drugs to help them deal with the mental and physical symptoms of that trauma. All women-only rehabilitation centers need to be able to handle addiction and a dual diagnosis of mental health disorders to provide each woman with the care they need.

Dual Diagnosis for Women

For many women who enter into a residential drug rehabilitation for women, there will be a dual diagnosis present. This means that the patient is not only dealing with the addiction, but they also have a mental health disorder. This can be depression or anxiety or it can be more severe for the patient. No matter the type of mental health condition that the woman is facing, they will need to have a tailored program that can help then handle both disorders. This is known as a dual diagnosis treatment.

This dual diagnosis treatment is going to provide a more comprehensive treatment plan designed to address and handle both of the conditions at the same time. This makes it more likely that the patient will be able to recover from the addiction and will no longer have to worry about relapsing when they leave.

How Long Will the Women-Only Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Last?

The amount of time that the patient will spend in the treatment center will depend on how severe the addiction is and how long they want to work on recovery. Women can choose to stay in the facility for short-term stays or long-term.

There are several factors that will determine how long the treatment will last. These include how severe the addiction is, what the recommendations are from the medical team, and how the patient has responded to past treatment if they have participated in a treatment facility in the past.

The most common lengths for inpatient drug rehab for women are 30, 60, and 90-days. The longer treatment times are often seen as more efficient for helping the patient learn about addiction and practice new coping mechanisms and behaviors for maintaining sobriety. Many short-term programs can work effectively as well, though it is more likely that the patient will need to continue with outpatient treatment when they are done.

What Happens During Inpatient Drug Rehab for Women?

The first step when entering a residential drug rehabilitation for women is the intake process. The patient will arrive at the location of the program and will begin their stay at the facility. Since this is an inpatient program, the patient will spend the next month or more living at the facility. The medical team will help the patient get setup and will complete intake forms to help tailor an individualized medical plan for each patient.

This is often followed by a detox. This helps the patient to get the substance out of their system before they begin treatment. The patient will be constantly monitored by professionals during this step to make sure they are safe. To help ease the pain and discomfort of this process, the patient may be given medication by their doctor.

Once the detox is done, the woman will enter into the treatment portion of their stay. The program they use will depend on their treatment plan from the beginning. The program can focus on addiction therapy and may also include therapy for helping with a mental health disorder if one is present. Women will learn proper coping mechanisms to help them succeed in the real world.

Socialization is encouraged in these women-only facilities. This helps the patient feel more connected to those around them and gives them someone to discuss their unique issues as women and mothers while fighting an addiction. This can start the support group that each woman needs while recovering.

When the treatment is done, the patient will choose whether to continue or not. Many choose to continue with therapy and even medication to help maintain sobriety. Recovery is a lifelong process and an outpatient treatment facility can help the patient maintain control as they readjust to being back in the real world. The outpatient facility will help the patient to keep contact with their support groups and therapists as they continue to get better.

Choosing the Right Women’s Only Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation is a personalized experience that allows the patient a way to work through their addiction and begin to feel better. Many women choose a gender-specific facility to provide them with personalized treatment that works for them. These facilities focus on the unique needs women have while recovering and can provide them a safe spot to seek out treatment without feeling worried or frightened. For those suffering from PTSD or violent relationships, this can provide a place of safety. Choosing the right women’s only inpatient drug rehabilitation center will make a difference in how success the woman is in staying sober.

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