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When a patient decides to enter into an inpatient Adderall rehab center, they are going to need to re-learn how to live and function without needing to use the drug. While Adderall can be prescribed for a variety of reasons, it is a medication that can quickly turn into an addiction for some patients. The first step to getting better is to seek out the right treatment and then go through a medical detox to get the substance out of the body. Because of the strength of Adderall and other similar medications, it is often best for the patient to focus on their recovery with the help of medical professionals, rather than trying to do it on their own.

There are different withdrawal methods that the patient can utilize to help them feel better and get through the addiction. The medical team at their residential Adderall rehab center will determine which method is going to work the best for the patient. Some patients will need to completely stop using the drug and others will benefit more from a tapering process.

No matter how much Adderall the patient has been taking or if they were given it as a prescription for another condition or not, when the use of this substance becomes an addiction, the patient will need to consider inpatient rehab for their Adderall addiction. There are many great treatment options available based on what would work the best for the patient and their needs.

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a unique medication that will combine several different chemicals to help the patient work through their addiction. Both of the stimulants found in this medication will affect some of the chemicals in the brain as well as the nerves, usually to help with impulse control and hyperactivity.

It is common for the patient to receive a prescription for Adderall when they are dealing with narcolepsy and ADHD in order to manage some of their symptoms. If the patient does not take the medication properly, takes it in too high of a dosage, or takes it for too long, then they can form an addiction.

Adderall is a strong medication that is difficult to prescribe well and too many patients go on it hoping for a quick relief from their issues with ADHD. However, patients need to work through some of the issues with ADHD, along with the Adderall to get the best results. If they just take the medication, they may assume it does not work and will decide to take more of the medication in order to feel better. This will lead to an addiction.

Do I Need Inpatient Adderall Rehab?

Many patients do not realize that they have an addiction to Adderall until they have taken the medication for too long. Since this is considered a prescription medication, many patients are given it to help them handle their ADHD and other conditions. They may assume that since this medication was prescribed to them, it can’t cause any harm.

Patients may need to take a look at some of their current behaviors to see how they relate to taking the Adderall to see if there is the potential for an addiction. Others may find out that there is an issue with addiction from family and friends. Some of the things to consider when choosing whether an inpatient Adderall rehab is the right choice for you or not include:

  1. In the past, have you attempted to stop using the medication, but failed?
  2. Have you used this medication in an improper way? This means has it been used in larger doses or for a longer period of time than intended?
  3. Does the use of this medication interfere with some of the personal obligations that you need to get done during the day?
  4. Has the use of this medication interfered with some of your relationships in the past or right now?
  5. Do you use this medication as a way to feel good and do you start to notice some unpleasant side effects if you do not take it?
  6. Do you find that you need to use higher doses of Adderall in order to feel some of the effects in your life?
  7. Do you take this medication, even if you feel that it could be hazardous to your health?
  8. Do you find that it is hard to stop using the medication because it has caused more problems with your health?

All of these can be signs that something is wrong with your Adderall use. Continuing to use this medication in this way will cause further damage to your health. Utilizing an inpatient Adderall rehab center will provide the patient with some of the relief that they deserve.

The Intake Process at Inpatient Adderall Rehab

The first step that a patient will need to go through when treating an Adderall addiction is the intake process. The patient will need to do this when they first enter into the facility. This gives them a chance to fill out all the paperwork and helps the medical team understand how the patient is doing and what steps they can follow to get better.

During this time, the patient will explain their medical history, any past health concerns, and their use of Adderall. The medical team will ask a lot of questions. This is done to help the medical team come up with a full medical treatment plan that is individualized to the unique patient. This will increase how well the patient can heal from their addiction. Then the detox begins.

Going Through Detox at the Residential Adderall Rehab Center

Medical detox is an important step to helping the patient heal and get better when they suffer from an Adderall addiction. Depending on how long the patient has been dealing with the addiction, they may have more severe withdrawal symptoms compared to others. Through the detox, medical professionals will monitor the patient to make sure they stay healthy.

Some of the symptoms that the patient may exhibit as they go through their addiction includes:

  1. Increased weight gain from a bigger appetite
  2. Trouble with sleeping
  3. Depression
  4. Irritability
  5. Issues with nightmares
  6. Exhaustion

Since this medication is used to help treat mental health conditions like ADHD, the patient may start to notice that some of their ADHD symptoms will come back too. The inpatient Adderall treatment center will

The patient will need to stay in detox until they feel better. For some patients, the medical team will decide to eliminate the use of Adderall all at once. This works the best for patients who have only a mild addiction to this medication. This may make the symptoms more severe, but will help the patient get through it faster.

For more severe Adderall addictions, the patient can work with their medical team to help taper off the use. This allows the patient to go through the withdrawal at a slower pace, making it easier to handle and limiting the number of symptoms that are present. It does take longer for the substance to completely leave the body so the patient may need to spend longer in the detox before they can move on.

Therapy Options In Inpatient Adderall Rehab

Once the patient is stable, they will move onto some of the treatment options at the inpatient rehab for Adderall addiction. There are a number of different types of therapy that can be used based on their past drug use and more. The patient will work with medical professionals to focus on the addiction and learn ways to cope with the addiction when they are done.

Addiction therapy is an important part of this process. Most therapy sessions will include more than one type of therapy to help the patient. CBT is a popular treatment option to help with Adderall addiction, as well as addiction to other medications. In this treatment option, the patient will learn to recognize the automatic negative behaviors and thoughts they have about themselves before focusing on ways to fight against these and change up their behaviors.

Another method that works well when solving an Adderall addiction is the Matrix Model or MM. This model will combine several approaches to treatment to help the patient to heal from the addition. It is common to see a combination of educational programs, group therapy, family therapy, and prevention techniques to make it less likely that the patient will relapse later.

Alternative treatments and non-traditional therapies are going to work in some patients as well. For example, some luxury treatment facilities can offer equine therapy or even yoga. If the patient feels that this will help them with their treatment, they need to look for facilities that offer these types of services.

Many inpatient Adderall rehab centers will offer education to the patient too. These treatment centers can incorporate educational classes that will help the patient with their recovery from the addiction. They may also offer some classes that will offer basic life skills to help the patient when they have struggled with the addiction. These classes will include options like finances, job hunting, and other options that will assist the patient after the treatment is done.

The medical treatment plan for the patient will also include the aftercare program. This will provide the patient with therapy, medication, and group support to aid them in staying sober and preventing a relapse later on.

Dual Diagnosis

Since Adderall is often prescribed to help the patient who has ADHD, most of the inpatient facilities for Adderall addiction will focus on providing dual diagnosis treatment. This helps the patient to focus on the addiction and the underlying causes that triggered the addiction in the first place. If the patient does not work through their ADHD with their therapist too, then they will end up falling right back into their old habits.

Professionals will work with the patient at the treatment center to provide them with some of the care and attention that they need with treating ADHD. This will help the patient to recognize the symptoms of ADHD and learn other methods to help treat it. There are also other ADHD medications the patient can use to help them manage those symptoms at the same time.

How Long Does Inpatient Adderall Treatment Last?

There are different treatment options that the patient is able to choose when they work with inpatient Adderall rehab. This allows them to get the personalized care that they deserve. The most common options for patients to choose include 30, 60, and 90-day treatment facilities.

30-day treatment centers work the best for helping patients focus on recovery from a mild addiction and can help them get back to work or school if they can’t be gone for a long time. The patient may need to follow with more therapy and other treatment options in an outpatient treatment facility when they are done to make sure they heal and feel better.

For the best results, especially for patients who have a more severe version of this addiction, a 90-day program is better. This gives the patient more time away from their triggers and allows them a way to focus fully on their addiction and getting to recovery. During this time, the patient will focus just on recovery, learning the skills and more that they need for the most success. If possible, the patient should choose an inpatient Adderall rehab center for 90 days or more.

Choosing the Right Residential Rehab for Adderall Addiction

Patients will find that using a residential rehab for Adderall addiction is one of the best ways to help manage their symptoms of addiction and regain their lives back again. Whether they choose a long-term or short-term addiction facility, these centers will help them focus more on what is going on with the addiction, why their negative behaviors cause this addiction, and the coping mechanisms that they can use to make life a little better with their addiction. Find an Adderall rehab near you by browsing our inpatient center listings below:

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