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While many inpatient drug rehab centers are designed to help both men and women with their drug addiction and help them get clean, research is starting to show that women and men may benefit from different types of treatments for their drug addiction. Men will often respond to different medications and therapies compared to women, and facilities that can manage substance abuse and provide the exact support that each gender needs will provide the best chances for recovery.

An inpatient drug rehab for men can be a great choice for men struggling with their addiction. While some traditional viewpoints on males and addiction will paint men as weak for wanting to seek help with their addiction, the residential drug rehab for men will specialize in the right programs and treatments for men to give them a chance at recovery. This provides a more customized experience for men who seek inpatient drug rehab.

How Does Drug Addiction Affect Men?

Men will respond to drug addiction differently than women, which is why finding an inpatient drug treatment center for men is a good option. Many studies have focused on some of the negative effects and consequences that a drug addiction will have on women, rather than the unique challenges that men will face when they recover from their addiction. They may not focus on how beneficial gender-specific treatments that work the best for men.

However, there are a number of specific drug addiction issues that will show up in men. Understanding these and finding an inpatient treatment that can handle these issues will make a difference on the treatment that males can get.

Are There Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers for Only Men?

Many rehab centers will focus on both genders at the same time. Some will have different sections for men and women, and others will treat them at the same time. However, many recognize that each patient is an individual and needs their own personalized treatment plan. This allows them to more effective treat men and women based on their individual needs, even when they are in a mixed gender treatment center.

There are male-only and gender-specific inpatient rehab centers that specialize in helping men with any unique symptoms and issues that may come up as they are recovering. Some patients prefer to be around those of their own gender while healing or they do not want the distraction of the opposite sex while they heal. This can be true for both men and women, which is why there are facilities tailored to both genders. While in a gender-specific rehab for men, the patient will be able to focus on their goals for treatment while receiving the necessary support of other men who understand what you are going through. This will help the man build up their support group and feel less isolated.

Can an Inpatient Drug Rehab for Men Help with Mental Health Issues?

Many of these inpatient treatments will also focus on any mental health issues that may arise for men. The mental health condition may be the cause of the drug addiction as the patient utilized the substance as a way for them to heal from the disorder, especially if their mental health condition was not known before the treatment. Other times, the addiction may be severe enough to cause a mental health disorder.

When a mental health disorder is present in the patient, they will be able to seek dual diagnosis treatment at the inpatient drug rehab for men. This allows them to seek medication and therapy for both conditions at once, solving the whole problem and giving them a chance to regain their lives.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Single Gender Inpatient Drug Rehab?

While many men are able to get the right treatment when they go to a mixed-gender treatment facility, there are a number of benefits for them choosing a treatment center specifically designed for men. These male-only treatments will allow the patient to focus just on their recovery and the issues that will relate only to men during the recovery process.

The inpatient drug rehab for men will focus on the unique problems that men are going to face when they have a drug addiction and any co-occuring disorder. These facilities will dispel some of the traditional thoughts on drug addiction and gives the patient a chance to recover based on proven methods that work for men.

There are several specific substance abuse issues that will show up in men that are less common in women. These include:

  1. Men are more likely to overdose on the addictive substance.
  2. Men are more likely to spend time in the ER due to their addiction.
  3. Men are less likely to have severe psychiatric and medical issues along with the addiction compared to women.
  4. Men who have become addicted to marijuana are also likely to have an addiction to other types of substances as well.
  5. Antisocial personality disorder is a common mental health issue for men who have used marijuana.
  6. Men are more likely to use heroin as their addictive substance and are more likely to seek treatment for that addiction.
  7. Men are more likely to binge drink and become addicted to alcohol as well.
  8. Men will usually have more symptoms of the withdrawal compared to women, which can make it more difficult for them through the detox phase.
  9. Since men are naturally more likely to engage in risky behaviors, especially if there is peer pressure involved, they have higher rates of drug addiction.
  10. Once they receive treatment, men are less likely to experience a relapse when they leave and they are better at abstinence from the substance with the right treatment.

Since men will respond to the treatment differently than women and often have different types of addiction than women, it is important that they receive the right type of treatment for their needs. the right inpatient drug rehab for men will help give them the support and help that they need.

What Treatment Options are Available for Men?

Men will be able to choose from several different types of treatment to help them through their addiction. Choosing the right one can make the difference when it comes to recovery.

One of the first choices is a detox. This type of treatment will help the patient to withdraw from the substance and become stable without it. This happens through an inpatient method to make sure the patient stays healthy and does not go through life-threatening symptoms. Once the detox is done, the patient will often enter into either long-term or short-term inpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment, also known as residential drug rehab for men, is one of the most effective treatment options available. The patient will live in the facility during the treatment. This gets them away from any negative environment that caused the addiction in the first place and helps them focus on their recovery.

An outpatient treatment center may be beneficial too. While they are seen as less effective compared to inpatient drug rehab for men, they still provide excellent treatment option for men. During time in this treatment, the patient will live at home and still be able to go to work, go to school, and spend time with family. But they must go to the rehab center to get their treatment. The number of times they go will depend on the addiction and their personalized treatment plan.

The length of the treatment will be a factor too. Inpatient drug rehabilitation for men will usually last 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the needs of the patient. In some severe addictions, the patient may be required to spend six months to one year at the treatment facility to really work on the addiction. The longer treatment terms will be the most effective, giving the patient more time to focus on the addiction and learn and practice the coping mechanisms they need to handle life without the drug. Short-term options can be useful to get the patient started and they may transition from a 30-day inpatient facility to an outpatient facility to continue the healing.

What Medications Can Be Used for Drug Withdrawal in Men?

Men are more likely to have issues with withdrawal compared to women. While a detox is hard on both genders, men tend to have more severe symptoms compared to women and the detox can often last for longer.

While at the residential drug rehab for men, the patient will be under medical supervision during their detox. This makes it safer than attempting the process alone at home. The medical team will supervise the patient, making sure that they stay safe and healthy throughout the process. Medications can be used to help the patient recover and do better. Some of the medications that are offered to men include:

The medical staff will use their own discretion to determine whether medication will be necessary for the patient or not. In an inpatient setting, the patient will get the benefit of constant supervision during the detox, ensuring that they get the help and care they need when they do not feel good during the detox.

Is Therapy Offered at a Residential Drug Rehab for Men?

Once the detox process is done and the patient is considered stable, they will need to undergo therapy to continue their recovery. There are many types of therapy used in the drug rehabilitation to help the patient learn about addiction, discover their personal triggers, work through mental health disorders, and give the patient the tools they need to cope without drugs.

All patients will need to go through individual therapy. CBT is a popular option, but the therapist will decide on the best therapy option based on the patient. During this time, the patient will learn more about their addiction and some of the triggers that cause them to turn to the addictive substance. The patient will learn new coping mechanisms that are safer for them to use during stressful situations and can replace negative behaviors with positive ones.

The patient may need to participate in group therapy sessions. This helps them to meet others who are dealing with their addiction, which can help the patient feel less alone during the recovery time. The patient should participate to learn more about the addiction and to meet others who can be part of their support group later on.

Family therapy may be an option at some residential drug rehab centers for men. This allows family members of the patient to come to therapy sessions. This is a great way to open conversation between the patient and their family and gives the family a chance to learn about the addiction and ways they can help the patient with recovery.

There are many great inpatient drug rehabilitation for men available for you to choose. Finding the right one will help you get the right therapy and medications that provide the best success. Whether you choose a traditional drug rehab center or go for a luxury drug rehab, choosing a facility designed for men can make a difference in the healing process.

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