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Drug addiction can take over every part of the patient’s life. They may find that it is hard to function without the substance. But the substance has enough power over them and changes their personality and motivation so much that it will ruin their relationships, job prospects and more. Many addicts find that it is difficult to recover on their own, and the drug addiction gets worse.

Finding the right treatment for a drug addiction is the first step to recover. There are many treatment facilities available to patients once they realize that they need the help. Some focus on short-term care that allows the patient a way to focus on regaining their health and learning more about healthy coping mechanisms for their needs. others are specifically designed to help with a dual diagnosis, which is when the patient suffers from a mental health disorder and drug addiction.

One of the most effective methods that the patient can choose for their treatment is an inpatient 90 day drug rehabilitation center. With this choice, the patient will choose to spend three months in the facility, getting away from their negative environment and learning how to live a healthy life without the drugs. Understanding the importance of 90-day drug rehabilitation centers will be the first step to success.

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What Happens at a Residential 90 Day Drug Rehab Center?

When a patient is looking into recovery options, they may be worried about the different options that are available to them. A 90-day inpatient drug rehab may be a great option to help them recover and get their life back, but what will happen in the facility and how will it help them to recover and enjoy sobriety?

The first step for any patient looking into an inpatient 90 day drug rehab program is the admittance process. This will happen right when the patient shows up at the facility. This is the time for the patient to meet some of the medical team and fill out any paperwork that is needed. The medical team will spend time discussing the addiction with the patient and determining if there are any potential dual diagnosis they should know about. During this process, the medical team will create a customized treatment plan to help the patient do well.

These medical treatment centers allow for a safe detox process for the patient. This will help them to remove the drug from the body before the patient starts some of their treatment. Depending on the type of substance the patient is on, the detox process can be painful, uncomfortable, and dangerous. A detox at an inpatient 90 day drug rehab is safer because the patient will be monitored by medical professionals the whole time. If something goes wrong and the patient needs help, their medical team will be there to help.

The detox may need medications to help keep it safe and helps the patient get through better. These usually last between 3 to 5 days, though some severe addictions will be prolonged to make sure that the patient is not going to get in a life-threatening situation. Once the detox is done, the patient can start their therapy sessions.

All patients will need to go through therapy to help them learn ways to handle stress and their triggers, without turning to alcohol. There are different therapy options available for the patient and their medical team can help them decide which one is right for them. CBT is an effective option, along with DBT, providing the patient with ways to recognize their unhealthy coping mechanisms.

There are several methods of therapy that the patient may need to go through with their medical team and a qualified therapist. Some of the most common therapy options include:

  1. Individual therapy: This is a time for the patient to work on their own healing. They will learn more about addiction and what causes it, what their own physical and emotional triggers are, and some healthy coping mechanisms that will help them handle stress and other issues without needing to turn to the drugs.
  2. Group therapy: This therapy helps the patient to meet others who are dealing with addiction. This can help them to understand they are not alone during the healing process and can provide some of the support group that the patient will need when they leave the facility later.
  3. Family therapy: Some inpatient treatment facilities are going to focus on family therapy too. This helps to recover some of the familial bonds that were broken due to the addiction and will help family members to understand more about the addiction and how they can provide support.

If the patient is also dealing with a mental health condition while at the facility, they will undergo treatment for the condition at the same time. This can include some therapy that will help them understand the mental health disorder and can receive some medication to help them manage the symptoms of that disorder at the same time.

When the patient is done with the 90-day inpatient program, the patient will need to go back home. They will be given an aftercare plan to provide them more support as they leave the facility. This aftercare program may include support groups, medication, and continuing therapy to help the patient on their long road to recovery and staying sober.

Is a 90 Day Residential Treatment More Effective Than Other Treatment Options?

Research has shown that a 90-day residential drug rehab facility is more effective compared to shorter-term treatment facilities. Patients have the choice between 30, 60, and 90 day treatment options for their drug addiction. While all of these can provide relief and recovery, the 90-day treatment is often the most effective.

The reason that a residential 90 day drug rehab center is more effective is because it offers more time for the patient to focus on their recovery. The patient not only learns the proper and healthy coping mechanisms that will help them to succeed against the addiction, but they get time to practice those techniques as well.

When compared to one or two month treatments, the three months in an inpatient facility allows the patient to have a way to focus on their recovery, without the stressors of normal life. The patient may also have a chance to learn new skills to help them find gainful employment when they are done, create good support groups, and even consider a new place to live that will better support their new sobriety.

How Effective is an Inpatient Drug Rehab Compared to Outpatient Drug Rehab Center?

An inpatient drug rehabilitation center is often seen as more effective compared to an outpatient facility. This is due to the fact that the patient will get a chance to be away from the potential triggers and negative environment that caused the addiction in the first place when they choose an inpatient facility.

Both the outpatient and the inpatient facility will utilize a lot of the same features as one another when it comes to medications, therapy, and support that they provide to the patient. With an outpatient facility, the patient will focus on their recovery for a few hours during the day, before heading back to work, school, and home. This provides more flexibility to the patient to fit the recovery around their personal lives. However, there can be problems with the patient meeting temptation and struggling with recovery with this option.

When possible, the patient should consider inpatient 90 day drug rehabilitation. This will help the patient have a chance to recover without the temptations that caused the drug addition in the first place. These rehabilitation centers have the patient stay in the facility for the full 90 days. They will live in the facility, eat there, and receive full medical attention while they are there.

The inpatient rehabilitation will allow the patient to focus just on their recovery, and nothing else. They do not need to worry about work, school, and other obligations. The stress of their old life is gone because they will just focus on the healing that takes place in the facility. And with constant medical supervision, the patient has a better chance for success.

How Much Does a Residential Drug Rehab Cost?

The cost of residential drug rehab will depend on the exact facility the patient chooses for their treatment. Some treatment facilities offer a lot of additional luxury features and amenities that will help the patient recover and stay healthy after the addiction. Others will have just the basics. The former is going to cost more compared to the latter. Patients will need to choose which one is the best for their needs.

Patients who would like the best in amenities will need to choose a luxury inpatient 90 day drug rehab center to help them get the best treatment possible. These treatments may include additional amenities to make treatment more successful, but they will come at a cost and are more expensive.

Patients can also choose to go to a state inpatient facility. These rehabs may not have as many of the amenities as the upscale residential facilities, but they still provide patients with the therapy, medication, and other medical treatment they need to fight an addiction. These facilities are low-cost, making them more affordable for many patients.

Will Medication Be Used at a 90-Day Treatment Center for Drugs?

It is common for medications to be used when a patient enters a 90-day residential treatment for drug addiction. These medications can be used for a lot of different purposes. Some patients will need to be on medication to help them through the detox. This gives them a chance to handle the symptoms of the detox and can cut down on harmful side effects that could be life-threatening.

Even if the patient can go through the detox without needing medication, there are other situations in the drug treatment facility where the patient will need to take medications. When it comes to many drug addictions, patients may also suffer from mental health conditions as well. Sometimes the mental health conditions caused the drug addiction to start. Other times, the drug addiction is severe enough to introduce mental health conditions that the patient did not have before.

No matter what caused the mental health condition, many patients will find relief with medication given at their treatment facility. While working with a therapist, the patient will be able to learn more about their mental health condition and how medication can help them cope in a healthier way compared to taking the substance and abusing it. The patient may also continue on with the medication when they leave the facility.

Why Should I Choose Inpatient 90-Day Drug Rehabilitation?

Patients will need to choose which treatment facility is the right choice for them. A 90-day rehabilitation center will be a good choice. Longer treatment facilities allow the patient to focus more on their recovery and less on the daily stressors that led them to the addiction in the first place, giving them the best chance for recovery.

Patients who have struggled with addiction for a long time, have an addiction and a dual diagnosis, or who have tried other treatment options in the past with limited success should consider this longer treatment choice. This will help them get the additional treatment time they need and will be more effective than some of the shorter-term treatment options for drug rehabilitation services.

When the patient is dealing with a drug abuse problem, they need to get the right medical help to handle their recovery. The road to recovery is very hard for those who are not going to an inpatient facility, so finding the right one will make a difference in the amount of success the patient can have. Choose the right inpatient 90-day drug rehab center that will provide you with the individualized plan to get recover and maintain sobriety.

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