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Teenagers can also face the consequences of a drug addiction. While we often assume the addiction happens to adults, many addictions start when the individual is younger, often in their teenage years. This is a formative time in the life of the teen, a time when they may try to fit in, learn their place in life, and try something new.

In some situations, the teenager may come from a bad home environment that leads to the drug addiction. Other times, they may join groups and make friends with others who encourage the drug abuse. When the drug addiction occurs, the patient will need to receive help from an inpatient drug rehab for teens to help with recovery.

What is Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Teenagers?

An inpatient drug rehab is a great option for many teenagers to learn more about their drug addiction and get the help that they need. This is a residential program where the patient will spend their full-time at until the treatment is done. They will sleep there, eat there, go to school there, and receive the necessary addiction care. During treatment, the teenager will not be living in their old home, and instead will stay at the facility until treatment is done.

For most teenagers who enter into treatment, there will be two phases of their recovery. During the intensive phase, the patient will need to stay at the treatment facility full-time. This keeps them away from the negative environment that caused the drug addiction and gives them the opportunity to enjoy 24/7 medical supervision.

As time goes on, the patient may be allowed more freedom. Guests can come visit the facility or the patient will be allowed short home visits or allowed to go on a trip with others at the facility. The exact rules will be determined by the treatment facility.

Who Will Benefit from Teenager Residential Drug Rehab?

Any teenager who is dealing with a drug addiction, whether they have a dual diagnosis with a mental health disorder or not, can benefit from a teenager residential drug rehab center. For many teens, a shift from their current environment over to the therapy of a treatment center can be helpful. This will remove them from their triggers and the individuals who may provide them with the substance they abuse. Minus the peer pressure and negative environments that cause them stress, the patient is more likely to reach recover.

These residential facilities will have tight control when it comes to using drugs. All visitors will go through security to check whether they are bringing a prohibited substance into the rehab center. Patients will also have routine screenings to make sure they have not relapsed. Patients in the facility will always have immediate care available to them. This allows the patient to get the medical attention they need through withdrawal and therapy, giving them the best chance at detoxing from the substance and getting their health back.

The Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab for Teenagers

There are a number of benefits of inpatient drug rehab for teens who suffer from a drug addiction. Much research has been done to look at the common factors for drug addiction in teens. For many teens, the use of the drug comes from influence from peers and friends. The teen wants to associate with a specific group or be seen as cool and popular, so they go along with using the substance to fit in.

When the teen is placed in a residential treatment center, parents are able to remove the child from the friends that use the substance while helping the teen make close relationships with others who are overcoming their addiction. This can increase the chances of recovery and provides the teen with a chance to make a new support group.

Teen inpatient drug rehab may utilize different treatment options to help the patient get better. Along with the detox period and various forms of therapy, the treatment center may offer other services that allow teens to have fun and see that life is meaningful without the addiction. For example, some of the teen residential drug rehab centers in the south will take advantage of the nice climate and set up fun activities for the teen to enjoy while at the facility.

What are the Options for Therapy in Inpatient Drug Rehab for Teenagers?

Similar to traditional drug rehab facilities, teen treatment programs will start out with an in-depth assessment of the patient. This is an important step because it allows the medical team a chance to assess the patient and figure out what treatment will be the most successful for them. The medical team can use this information to choose treatment options that will face the unique problem of the patient right from the start.

If necessary, the teenager residential drug rehab center will provide a detox for the patient. Since teenagers may respond to the withdrawal differently than adults, these facilities are set up to provide extra support and help to the patient during the detox process. Medications can be used if necessary, but extra precautions need to be exercised by the medical professionals to keep the patient safe.

As soon as the teenager is stable enough, they will be introduced to the main treatment facility. This is where the therapy will start. Inpatient drug rehab for teens will utilize different types of therapies for the patient. During this time, the goal is to help the patient understand the nature of their addiction and to teach them skills that make it easier to cope in the real world without the addiction.

Several forms of therapy can be used. Dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are two common forms of therapy that can be effective for teenage patients. Since the reasons for addiction in a teenager are different from the reasons for addiction in adults, the therapy sessions will focus on these specific triggers to help the patient, rather than utilizing a generalized approach.

While at the facility, the patient will continue with their educational studies. Most residential drug rehab for teens will work closely with the school for each patient to make sure they stay on track to graduate and do not fall behind, regardless of how long the patient stays at the facility. The patient will be able to work on their studies while attending therapy and group support sessions, with an individualized plan to help get this done.

For many patients, this may be the first time that they can thrive in their educational studies. Away from peer pressure and any problems at home, they can focus on this area of their lives, while at the same time working through recovery to help them live a better life.

How Long Does Inpatient Drug Rehab for Teens Last?

Teen inpatient drug rehab will last for as long as the patient needs time to recover. There are several standard options available for the patient, based on the severity of the addiction, whether they have struggled with addiction in the past, and if there is a mental health concern in place too.

Many treatment centers will work with 30, 60, and 90-day treatment for their patients. Longer treatment centers are often the best to provide the best chance of recovery. Since the patient is able to continue with their education while in the facility, they may want to consider the longer term stay. 90-days or longer is often ideal for the best chances of success.

Short-term treatment can be effective as well. For some patients where the addiction is caught early, or those who need help with detox before going to an outpatient treatment, a 30-day treatment facility may be the best option. The parents will be able to talk with medical professionals to see what treatment length is the best for their child.

What Special Amenities are Provided for Teens at an Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility?

There are special amenities that are provided to teenagers who enter into a residential drug rehab facility. The teenager will be offered a chance to live life as normally as possible, without the triggers and negative environment that they may have dealt with at home.

While in the facility, the patient will still continue on with their students. Many of these facilities offer education specialists who will work with the student to make sure that they do not fall behind while in the facility. They may work at their own pace or receive help to catch up in classes they may struggle with.

The patient will also have a chance to work with others and form a support group of individuals who are also facing addiction. This positive influence may be one of the first that the patient has discovered in their life and can have a positive influence on their rates of recovery. When they surround themselves with like-minded individuals who want to get better, they will work harder to get better too.

Recognizing that teenagers need a chance to socialize and be active, many of the teen inpatient drug rehab centers provide additional amenities to make this easy. They may provide hiking adventures, swimming, ball courts, and excursions for patients as they pass different levels of their treatment. This helps keep the patient active while showing them that it is possible to have fun without using the substance. It also provides strong motivation for the patient to work on improving themselves.

All of this takes place in an environment that is safe for the patient. If there are problems at home that cause stress and led to the addiction, the patient will get a chance to be away from that and focus on themselves for once. They may also avoid the pressures of school and friends while handling recovery and getting better with their coping skills. They can use the skills and information that they learn in treatment to help them when they leave the facility.

Are Teen Dual Diagnosis Treatments Available?

Dual diagnosis treatments are available at teenager residential drug rehab. This provides the patient with an opportunity to work through their drug addiction and any corresponding mental health condition that comes with it. Whether the mental health condition came first and caused the addiction as a way to self-medicate, or the addiction caused the mental health issue, medical professionals can work to help the patient understand and treat both conditions.

Many teenagers enter into treatment not knowing they have a mental health disorder. They may grow up in an environment that caused trauma and other issues, or no one was around to notice other problems. The drug addiction may have provided them some relief from symptoms they knew nothing about. But the relief was temporary and the addiction often got worse.

When they enter into an inpatient facility, they may finally have a chance to get the medication and therapy they need for the mental health disorder. As they work through their addiction and learning about the components of addiction, these patients may also receive therapy and medication for their mental health disorder. This may provide them the first signs of relief from the symptoms of that disorder ever.

During the intake process, the medical team will be able to determine whether the patient will need therapy for their mental health disorder. This will be tailored into their plan from the start and will provide some relief from symptoms that may have plagued the patient for a long time.

Choosing the Right Inpatient Drug Rehab for Teens

There are different inpatient drug rehab facilities available for teens to use. These are specialized, providing the right therapy and amenities to help this age group recover and learn the best coping mechanisms to keep them sober and safe. Through the treatment, the patient will learn how to recognize their triggers, find a good support group, and avoid peer pressure that ruins their health. Giving teens a chance to recover in a safe environment will make a difference on how well they recover while decreasing the chances of relapse.

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