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A cocaine addiction can be hard for many patients to work through and stop using. Cocaine is an addictive substance that can change the chemical makeup of the brain. When the addiction gets bad enough, the patient may need to use the drug to feel any positive emotions at all, including excitement and happiness. It is easy for the patient to just try out cocaine and then find out that the addiction has spiraled out of their control.

Once the addiction has taken hold, the patient will need to consider inpatient cocaine rehab to help the patient recover and stop using the substance. While a detox is possible to do at home, this is not the best option for long-term recovery for most patients. A residential cocaine rehab facility will be a good option to help the patient to get the help and recovery from their cocaine addiction that they need.

There are many choices out there for getting the cocaine rehab that the patient needs. while there are options for inpatient and outpatient based on what works the best for the patient and their schedule and lifestyle. An inpatient drug treatment center will provide the best results for fighting the cocaine addiction and helping the patient get their life back.

What Happens During Detox at an Inpatient Cocaine Rehab?

When the patient enters into an inpatient cocaine rehab center, they will need to start with a detox. This detox process is meant to help rid the body of the substance before they start treatment. There is the potential for negative side effects to happen when the patient is withdrawing from the cocaine. Having medical professionals monitor the patient through the detox will help the patient stay safe and healthy.

Cocaine will metabolize in the body quickly, much faster than many other substances that the patient may use. It will leave the body in 8 hours or less, based on the half-life of that drug. This is one substance that the patient may be able to detox from while at home since they can complete the detox completely in just a day or two. Some of the symptoms can be more severe and will cause the issues to linger for a few weeks.

To make sure the patient is safe, they should visit a residential cocaine rehab center to monitor the detox. They may finish the detox quickly and be ready for some of the other treatment options. Others may need a few more days in the detox to help them get through the withdrawal with the support that they need. The medical team will work with the patient to make sure that they are safe during the detox, no matter how long it takes for the individual patient.

Once the patient is done with their medical detox, they will receive the necessary screening to help them with the inpatient rehab for cocaine. Medical professionals will work with the patient to determine which rehab is the best for the patient, providing them with individual therapy and other treatment options, including mental, physical, and nutritional, to help the patient have the best chance of success.

Can I Detox from Cocaine Without the Inpatient Cocaine Rehab?

Unlike some of the other substances the patient can use, cocaine is one of the few substances a patient may be able to quit using cold turkey. This allows the patient to stop using the drug and go through recovery without gradually decreasing their use of the substance. While patients can do this at home, it is not the safest idea to do it alone.

It is important to know how the elimination of cocaine from your system works. Cocaine will have a short half-life of 1.5 hours. This allows an entire dose of the drug to get out of the body in about eight hours. While some of the effects of not having cocaine in the system will last longer, the patient will be able to eliminate the drug and start the detox faster than they can with some of the other substances they use.

While other substances will require a taper strategy to help the patient start the detox, the cocaine is metabolized too quickly so the tapering is not necessary. The best way to do a detox from this substance in an inpatient cocaine rehab is to do it cold turkey. However, it is still a good idea to do it with the help of a medical professional at a residential rehab for cocaine addiction.

What Treatment is Available at a Residential Cocaine Rehab?

When the patient chooses to go to a residential cocaine rehab center, they will need to receive several different types of treatment to help them get through the addiction and feel better. The treatment facility will work through the different aspects that come up with residential treatment, providing the patient with the true path of recovery that they need.

Each patient will have an individualized program while they go through their treatment. This allows them to work through the right forms of therapy and other therapies to help them be most successful. Most treatment plans will include a mixture of therapy to help the patient learn about their addiction, learn new coping mechanisms that help them deal with stress and their triggers without the cocaine, and how to stop some of their negative behaviors as well.

Many patients will be able to choose between different therapy options and amenities to provide them with the best results. Some of the different options that are available at inpatient rehab for cocaine addiction include:

  1. Comprehensive treatment planning that is done after the initial patient evaluation.
  2. Supervision around the clock for the patient by medical professionals.
  3. Medication management to help with the withdrawal symptoms, health concerns, and mental health disorders.
  4. Care for any dual diagnosis for patients who have a mental health disorder that may have been discovered when they enter into therapy.
  5. Cognitive behavioral therapy to help the patient to recognize some of their negative behaviors and help them make changes for the better.
  6. Dialectical behavioral therapy.
  7. Meals that are full of nutrition and will help the patient to recover better than before.
  8. Amenities that are meant to promote more healing for the patient including basketball courts, gyms, and pools.
  9. Reflective activities that help the patient focus on themselves for a bit like journaling, meditation, and yoga
  10. Aftercare plans to help the patient be ready when it is time to leave the facility.

Therapy is an important part of the treatment process for the patient. There are different forms of therapy the medical team may choose to utilize with the patient. Through the intake process and detox, the medical team can determine which type of therapy will work the best for the patient. They may get a form of individual and group therapy combined for the cocaine addiction. These therapy options will give the patient the best chance to really work on the addiction and get better.

During residential rehab for cocaine, the patient will also get a chance to work with others who are recovering as well. This allows the patient a chance to work through their addiction with others who have the same issues. This support group will help the patient build up a good support group in the facility and when they leave the inpatient facility.

What Aftercare Program is Available in Inpatient Rehab for Cocaine?

All treatment facilities for cocaine will offer an aftercare program for the patient. The patient will spend 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days in the treatment facility to work on the addiction. During that time, they will get a chance to focus on their negative behaviors and learn some of the healthy coping habits that will help them when they go back home. At some point, the treatment program will finish and the patient will go back home.

When the patient enters into the facility, they will work with the medical team there to find the right treatment plan that will help them the most. A part of this plan is the aftercare program to help the patient when it is time for them to go home. The aftercare plan will include additional therapy, continued medication, and support groups to help the patient become successful.

Is an Inpatient Facility Better Than Outpatient for Treating Cocaine Addiction?

When possible, the inpatient cocaine rehab will be the best option for the patient. This is a treatment type that allows the patient a chance to live at the facility, getting them away from their triggers and any negative influences that caused the addiction to start with and allows the patient a chance to focus solely on their addiction.

There are times when a patient may benefit from an outpatient treatment center. This allows them a chance to work on their treatment through therapy and group support while still being at home and attending work and other obligations. This works when the patient has a mild addiction and no prior issues with failed treatment and relapse.

For patients who want to focus just on the recovery, those with severe forms of addiction, and those who have struggled with past rehab centers and relapsing will need to consider using an inpatient treatment facility to help get the recovery we need. Even if this is the first time that the patient has gone through therapy, the inpatient facility can provide them with a chance to focus just on the recovery without any negative influences.

The patient will need to choose the treatment option that will work the best for them. There are many choices to consider before choosing the right one for the patient. There are drug rehabs for men, drug rehab centers for women, as well as many other addiction treatment options. However, an inpatient cocaine rehab is a great option for all patients with a cocaine addiction to help them recover in a safe environment.

Will a Dual Diagnosis Help Me Recover?

Many patients who struggle with cocaine addiction will have an underlying mental health disorder as well. This will bring a new challenge to the recovery for the patient when they go through recovery. If the patient chooses a facility that only focusses on the drug addiction, and not the mental health disorder at the same time, they will miss out on getting the full recovery that they need.

Many inpatient cocaine addiction centers will assess the patient to see whether a mental health condition is present in the patient. If they discover that this mental health issue is there, they will provide medical treatment, medication, and other support to help handle the addiction and the mental health disorder at the same time.

For some patients, the mental health condition was there first. They may have a mental health problem that was undiagnosed. They still experience the symptoms, even without the diagnosis, and will choose to self-medicate with cocaine and other types of drugs and substances to help manage the symptoms. They may feel better temporarily, but the side effects of the drug addiction will just make things worse.

For other patients, the substance abuse will cause the mental health addiction. The patient may misuse cocaine for a number of years. As their addiction gets worse, it can start to cause a mental health condition for the patient too. No matter which condition comes first, the patient can rely on a residential rehab for cocaine center to help them work on both conditions.

Choosing the Right Inpatient Cocaine Rehab

For many patients struggling with a cocaine addiction and need help fighting their triggers and a difficult environment at home, an inpatient cocaine rehab center is one of the best options to choose. There are many great options available to help handle the addiction and learn healthy coping mechanisms that will help them succeed in long-term recovery. Choosing a facility that will focus on your recovery needs and one that has the right amenities for your needs will make a big difference in your long-term health. Browse through the list of all residential cocaine rehab centers below:

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