Inpatient Drug Rehab in Marshall, MN

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers in Marshall, MN

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Here is the full list of inpatient drug rehabs that we could find in Marshall, MN. Usually, residential and inpatient drug rehab centers in Marshall, MN help treat addiction to opioid drugs, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, Oxy, Xanax and many other substances on a live in basis. Treatment for drug addiction could be extremely effective when done correctly at one of the best drug rehabs in Marshall. You have to choose a rehab carefully if you want to get high-quality treatment. Inpatient drug rehabs located in Marshall can be 30 day, 60 day, 90-day, one year and longer treatments.

Project Turnabout Marshall

Project Turnabout Marshall is an inpatient drug rehab in Marshall, Minnesota, 56258 zip code.

Location: 1220 Birch Street, Marshall, MN 56258 in Lyon County

Rehab services:

  • Residential drug use treatment
  • Self-help groups, domestic violence services and case managers
  • Accepts Military insurance
  • Residential drug rehab, long term residential drug rehab and regular outpatient drug treatment

Project Turnabout - 22.5 miles from Marshall, MN

Project Turnabout is an inpatient drug rehab center in Granite Falls, Minnesota, 56241 zip code.

Location: 660 18th Street, Granite Falls, MN 56241 in Yellow Medicine County

Rehab services:

  • Transportation assistance, case managers and group meetings
  • Inpatient treatment for dual diagnosis
  • In-patient drug rehab for adult males and residential drug rehab for adult women
  • Residential drug rehab, outpatient drug treatment and 90 day and 1 year inpatient drug rehab
  • Accepts private health insurance
  • Residential benzodiazepines detoxification, cocaine detox and inpatient alcohol detoxification

New Life Treatment Center - 34.9 miles from Marshall, MN

New Life Treatment Center is an inpatient drug rehabilitation center in Woodstock, Minnesota, 56186 zip code.

Location: 130 Dakota Street South, Woodstock, MN 56186 in Murray County

Rehab services:

  • Sliding fee scale
  • Addiction treatment for people with co-occurring pain plus substance use, in-patient drug rehab for adult men and residential drug rehab for adult women
  • Social skills development, mental health services and mentoring
  • Residential benzodiazepines detoxification, inpatient alcohol detox and inpatient opioid detox
  • Inpatient drug detox services
  • Residential drug detox, 90 day and 1 year inpatient drug rehab and intensive outpatient drug treatment
  • Accepts private health insurance